granulation services in UFF facility located in central VirginiaGranulation Services

United Fertilizer Formulators can provide landscape, turf fertilizer, ornamental, horticulture, vegetable, and commodity granulation services and toll manufacturing. UFF’s granulation services allow for customers to design and formulate standard or novel new products, customized to their specific product application and nutrient requirements for their businesses. UFF’s knowledgeable and experienced employees will assist in the production of these products, ensuring that client requirements are met.

Our granulation process provides granulated products that:

  • Improve customer acceptance
  • Improve application properties
  • Improve uniformity of particles
  • Provide for homogeneous physical and chemical product profile
  • Improve handling properties
  • Improve flowability properties
  • Minimize dustiness
  • Improve storage properties
  • Allow for exact sizing to meet specific industry needs
  • Provide for controlled-release properties for fertilizer nutrients
  • Support organic, inorganic, and certified organic granulations

Toll Manufacturing and Private Label Services:

toll manufacturing provided in UFF facility in VirginiaWhy Toll?

Toll Manufacturing and Private Labeling is an agreement between a specialized production plant (UFF) and a client to design, analyze, commercially manufacture, package, and transport a high quality product to a client that has not invested in their own full-scale production facility.
UFF’s toll manufacturing operation provides clients all the tools they need to commercially manufacture a product. UFF has access to raw materials, several decades of industry experience, access to UFF’s proprietary technology, and an understanding of the multi-tier levels of production that can take a product from inception to the consumer.

Typical reasons why someone might toll their material include:

  • The company is not yet ready, or does not think it’s economically feasible, to make a capitol investment in their own production plant.
  • The company does not have access to the customized technology, specialized equipment, industry experience or knowledge needed to formulate a product that will meet the needs of their intended product application.
  • The company needs to get their product to market quickly.
  • The company is in need of product development, plant design, and marketing before a production facility can be built.

UFF employees strategizing product formulationNew or Existing Product Formulation

At United Fertilizer Technology, we understand that the needs of one client can vary drastically from the needs of another. That’s why UFF approaches each client request that it receives on an individualized basis. This allows UFF to effectively assess the needs of a client, in order to formulate a customized strategy and timeline.

When developing a new product or improving an existing product, UFF’s team begins comprehensive communication with the prospective client in order to fully understand the product requirements and expectations set forth by the client. When designing a new product, the ANTG product development team will recommend patented proprietary formulations. If the clients request requires materials not represented in our permanent product line of formulations, or requires the development of new processes, production methods, or technologies, UFF will assess the request in order to make a determination as to the feasibility of the request.

designer fertilizer technologies by UFFTechnology and Products

Designer Fertilizer Technology is used to develop, manufacture, and commercialize novel dry and liquid fertilizer products for the turf, landscape, and commodity fertilizer industries.

Sustainable Agriculture Technology is used to develop, manufacture, and commercialize novel products for the turf, landscape, and commodity fertilizer industries–addressing environmental and nutrient management regulations.

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