About UFF


To provide a highly efficient, and vertically integrated, toll manufacturing and private label service for customers seeking commercialization of cutting edge designer fertilizer and soil amendment products.


United Fertilizer Formulators is a commercial manufacturing company for designer dry fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, and soil conditioning products based in Virginia, USA. UFF has over 17 years of experience in commercial manufacturing, with extensive knowledge concerning manufacturing processes designed for the fertilizer and soil amendment industry. Many of its products are in domestic and international use today, with our products being represented in countries across the globe.

United Fertilizer Formulators and Wilson Group Companies

United Fertilizer Formulators is one of several affiliate companies under the Wilson Group Company operating from Virginia, USA. Wilson Group Companies is a vertically integrated toll manufacturing and private label operation providing services to the global market for designer fertilizer and soil amendments.

United Fertilizer Formulators functions as the commercial manufacturing branch of the Wilson Group Company and works directly with other Wilson Group affiliates, including ANTG Research and Development (product formulation and pilot plant services) and Consolidated Process and Packaging (product packaging, transportation and warehouse logistical services). The Wilson Group Company’s vertically integrated operation is a unique business model in this industry where non-integrated businesses are the normality. Using a non-integrated operation would require a customer to deal with several independent companies, each company operating a separate means of production of the multi-tier toll manufacturing process.

No matter the need of our customer, the Wilson Group Company can be of service.