Welcome to UFT

UFT is a marketing and development company that performs custom manufacturing of designer dry and liquid fertilizers and soil conditioning  products.  It has a long history of working with many of the most respected names in turf, landscape, ornamentals, horticulture,  vegetable, and commodity fertilizer industries.

It uses its patented homogeneous granulation technology to produce high-quality dry granular products. A major benefit to our customers is that this unique process results in every granule being consistent in product size and nutrient properties – from formula to formula.

UFT has experience manufacturing products formulated with synthetic, natural/organic (including sustainable/renewable ingredients) or the combination of both (bridge) ingredients. Furthermore, UFT designer technology can be incorporated into a customer’s formulation allowing for control-release nutrients, particle sizing and green-up with minimal growth properties.

Custom manufacturing

Please contact United Fertilizer Technologies (UFT) for more information about custom manufacturing designer fertilizers and soil conditioners and granulation services.

The following technologies, formulation practices and ingredients are available to help you develop new products or improve your current product line:

  • Matrixed
  • Sequestered
  • Synthetic
  • Natural/Organic
  • Sustainable/Renewable